29-30 January, 2020 - Szeged, Hungary


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Modelling interneuronal contributions to spatial navigation in health and disease


Panayiota Poirazi1

1 Foundation of Research and Technology-Hellas, Grece

The goal of this presentation is to provide a set of predictions generated by biophysical models regarding the role of specific interneuron types in learning, memory and spatial navigation in the hippocampus. I will present modelling studies from our lab –along with supporting experimental evidence- that investigate how Fast Spiking Basket Cells with dendritic nonlinearities can influence memory encoding. I will also discuss collaborative work, whereby our models complement experiments so as to investigate the role of VIP interneurons on goal-oriented spatial learning in CA1 and the contributions of dendrite-targeting (SST) vs. soma-targeting (PV) interneurons in place cell dynamics.